Maryland Raptors Youth Basketball (MRYB) is a 502(C)(3) Non-Profit Youth Organization that started in November 2021.

Mission & Values

The Mission of MD Raptors (MRYB) is to improve the lives of our youth to empower & encourage them to not only learn the game of basketball but learn life lessons along the way. Through practices and games our goal is to teach our players to take on challenges, learn the value of team build a lasting relationship, and gain skills that will help them in life.


The goal is to develop future leaders who are winners in life-on & off the count.

Non Discrimination Policy

We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind.


Our Primary mode of communication is TeamSnap. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming enviroment for all players, staff members, coaches, and all individuals that we come in contact with.

Code of Conduct

All Parents have to sign a code of conduct. Players, parents, and staff understand that they are representing the MD Raptors, and will always do their best to positively represent the organization and its values. Also understand that the goals of MD Raptors teams are for each player to improve and (hopefully) have fun, and these goals take precedence over winning.